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Fisher & Paykel Tub-Home Fix

Problem: The wash cycle continuously stops. The cycle can be restarted by opening and closing the drawer. The wash eventually completes if you continually check progress and restart when required.

Cause: The plastic latch that holds the CPU assembly in place has broken off allowing the CPU assembly to flop around, causing the light pipes in the tub to no longer align with the prism set in the frame. This breaks the path from the emitter to the detector thus indicating to the CPU that the drawer is not closed properly, even though it is.

Solution: Secure the CPU assembly in place as follows:

  1. Remove the drawer's front panel. To do this, remove the retaining pin from both sides of the drawer. Pull the front panel out at the bottom and pull down. The front panel should slide out. Remove the ground wire from the panel and set the panel aside.
    Drawer Front Retaining Pin
    • The tub-home sensor consists of: prisms set in the frame.

    • Light pipes in the tub.

      Light Pipes
      Light Pipes
    • An emitter/detector in the control module.

  2. Check to see if the control module is secure in position. If the retaining tab is broken the control module will be loose and the light pipes will not align properly with the emitter and detector. Moving the control module will result in the drawer sounding the "drawer open" alarm because of the misaligned light pipes.

    Misaligned Light Pipes
    Misaligned Light Pipes
  3. The solution is to secure the control module in position such that the light pipes properly align with the emitter and detector. This can be done with a wire retainer that latches in the same hole that the broken tab used and secured with a screw tightened into the unused boss.

    Add-on Wire Retainer
  4. To locate the tab's engagement hole, find the point where the tab broke off. The hole is in the rib where the tab would be if it hadn't broken.

    broken tab
    Broken Tab Location
  5. To ensure that you have secured the control module such that the light pipes are aligned properly, you can perform a wash cycle with the cover off. The chances are that if you secured it, it's done and you can put the cover on. Remember to install the ground wire to the cover! Otherwise, you have a shock hazard.

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