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Animations and Videos

Display screens are everywhere, making videos accessible anywhere. So, there is no reason to restrict your users, customers and support staff to reading paper manuals or static PDF files. We can produce technical animations and technical videos that show your product's operation, as in the following examples (created from the samples in SolidWorks® Composer):

  • Shifting Gears:
  • Bottle Filling Line:

We can add videos to PDFs to enhance a manual's information. For example, our PDF example contains a video that was created from our pocket watch model (see Mechanical Drawing Capabilities). To see the animation, click the PDF's link, save the PDF to your computer and open locally in Adobe Acrobat or Reader. A static image replaces the video if the PDF is printed or viewed.

Using animations to enhance or to replace written procedures also helps reduce translation costs for localized documentation.

If your product has a video display, and it has the capability, videos can be set up to play right on the product's screen, providing user support information at the point of use. An  animation is worth a thousand words.