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E-Commerce: Visual Parts Ordering Design

Our concept of visual parts ordering is based on leveraging our client's existing assembly drawings for part selection. Your customers can easily find replacement parts they need on the drawing, and then click the part numbers on the drawing to add them to their order form.

  • We create the exploded parts drawings for parts selection from the product's 3D model, or use assembly drawings provided by the client.
  • We create a database of part information from the client's customer parts  spreadsheet or SQL table and link it to the drawings.
  • We provide the parts ordering pages to your website  and backend software teams for integration into your website and business processes.

Below is a sample mock-up of a functional parts ordering page for telescopes. This mock-up is a demonstration only—the parts and pricing are fictional, for demonstration only.  Look and feel is customizable to match your website design. Tax, shipping, and payment processes are typically handled by existing shopping cart functionality.

To see how easy it can be for your customers to find the parts they need:

  • Select 10Dobsonian from the Product list drop-down.  A top-level view of a 10-inch Dobsonian telescope is displayed, with example part numbers.
  • Clicking a green dot on the drawing displays a detailed view for that subassembly. (Clicking the browser's Back arrow returns to the previous view.)
  • Clicking a part number for an assembly or desired part(s) adds the item to the order.  To order more than one of an item, enter the desired quantity in the Quantity field; the price is recalculated.
  • For this demo, clicking Start Checkout mimics order completion.  (In a commercial application, the tax, shipping and payment calculations are generally performed using provider APIs to connect to existing shopping cart and payment gateway services. This is a non-functional demo only.)
  • To clear the form, click Clear All. To start the demo over, refresh the browser.  Quantities can be adjusted by editing the Quantity field and clicking Update Table to recalculate price.