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Mechanical Drawing Capabilities

We can produce high quality technical graphics and animations using Solidworks and Solidworks Composer. We are capable of working with your Solidworks files and files supported by Solidworks such as IGES, STEP, Parasolid, etc (see the Solidworks website for a full list of supported file formats, including other CAD vendors' formats). This means that we can create technical illustrations of your product from your 3D CAD assemblies.

We are also capable of creating 3D models from your 2D drawings, and creating 2D assembly drawings from your 3D models when needed. Our staff completed the Solidworks Essentials class taught by Sam Hochberg of Graphic Systems Corp.

The watch shown below is an example of our mechanical illustration capabilities, generated as a 3D model in Solidworks from a PDF diagram of a watch.

watch exploded view
Watch Assembly Exploded View

We also have a PDF showing parts we created from the Solidworks Model Mania competition. We did not compete in Model Mania but used the drawings to verify that we could model the parts correctly. To see how we did, download our ModelMania part models (in a zip file).