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Today, technical information must be tailored to the way your customers and support staff work—the term "technical manual" is no longer limited to a conventional printable book.  We can help you meet the needs of your users and your technical support staff for technical information, presented in the format most appropriate for them. We can write and produce information in traditional print format, PDF, or web-based formats to be viewed on mobile devices.

We know how to bring together the resources needed to create your documentation, while staying within budget and on schedule.

We work with most popular desktop publishing software, including Adobe® FrameMaker, InDesign, and Microsoft Word.

Service manuals

We can generate service manuals for your support staff and customers, tailored to the audience. From your 3D model, we can generate the graphics and parts lists for illustrated parts breakdowns, and create illustrations to accompany service procedures, allowing your design staff to focus on new products. We can work with most popular 3D design packages including SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, and CREO. We have 20+ years experience with medical device manuals and are familiar with FDA regulations and applicable ISO standards.

User manuals

We can write user instructions for products, medical devices, manufacturing machinery, software, and more, depending on your needs and your target audience.

Operating procedures

If you need to generate or update internal process and procedure documents, we can help. We are familiar with the requirements of ISO 9000 and ISO 13485 standards for medical device manufacturing quality management systems and can assist you with the development of procedures to support your quality management system.  We can also write operational procedures and assembly instructions.

API guides

We can generate API guides for developers using your software components.

Technical editing

Our highly experienced editors can help improve the usability of your documentation. We edit for consistent terminology, format, structure, and reading grade level, giving a cohesive voice to documents written by multiple authors.

Needs analyses

We can help you determine the documentation your customers and service technicians need in order to get the most out of your products or to support them. Providing effective, easy to use documentation increases customer satisfaction and helps to reduce customer support calls. Conducting a documentation needs analysis during product development helps ensure that your company provides the right documentation to support your products, while meeting applicable regulatory requirements.

Translation management

If you need documentation localized, we can help. We are familiar with European Union requirements for providing localized documentation and can work with our translators or yours to convert your documentation into the required languages. Our experience in this area allows us to design and write documentation that translates more easily, helping to reduce cost and simplify the approval process for the translated documents.

Training course development

We can quickly and affordably create student and instructor guides based on the content of your manuals, ensuring consistency in the training material and reference material. We can create materials for instructor-led classroom training or self-study.

Template design

If your on-staff writers could use assistance designing and implementing templates for your publications, or if you want a new look for your documentation, we can help. We can create document templates in most popular desktop publishing packages.

Document conversion

If you have legacy documentation that needs to be updated or converted to a different format, give us a call.

Work Instructions

We have worked in manufacturing environments and developed work instructions. Let us help you develop work instructions that will increase productivity and increase quality.