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Our technical writers are electronic engineers by training and have a total of 50 years experience as technical writers.

Medical products and systems

Our specialty is medical device documentation. We are familiar with FDA requirements for developing medical device manuals and labeling, and have 30 years of experience writing medical device user manuals and service manuals. We are also familiar with the requirements of the European Medical Device Directive (MDD) as they pertain to device labeling and manuals.

We have written all types of documentation for medical devices ranging from infusion pumps to pharmacy dispensing equipment and compounders, in-vitro diagnostic devices, medical software systems, X-ray imaging systems, dialysis systems and more.

Technical illustration from your 3D models

We can work with your company's 3D design files to quickly and efficiently develop exploded views, disassembly/reassembly drawings and animations, and other technical illustrations needed to support your product. Using the geometries precludes the need to create illustrations "from scratch" and improves the accuracy of the illustrations by leveraging your engineering design. We use SolidWorks® and SolidWorks Composer to create technical illustrations from your product design. Composer works with several popular 3D design packages in addition to SolidWorks.

ISO-13485 medical device quality management systems

If your company needs help writing internal processes and procedures for compliance with ISO-13485, we can help. We can create or maintain ISO procedures for your company. We are also familiar with ISO-14971.

Industrial equipment

We write operation and maintenance manuals for many types of electro-mechanical equipment, including heavy-duty transmissions, environmental sensing systems, ship control systems, and industrial assembly equipment.

Manufacturing Floor

We have developed work instructions for the factory floor.

Communications infrastructure

Projects we have successfully completed for communications systems include the following types of documentation:

  • User manuals and system administrator's manuals for telecommunication network management software
  • Installation and setup manuals for network infrastructure equipment
  • Service manuals for public safety radio equipment
  • Standards for building RF communication sites and towers
  • User manuals and training for smartcard-based fare collection system
  • Training materials for RF identification system software developers' kit

Military electronics

We have written manuals for depot- and intermediate-level equipment maintenance, including detailed theory of operation for military electronics systems.

Localization/translation management

We have extensive experience preparing localized documentation. We know the best workflow for writing an, then translating documentation into one or more additional languages. We can provide translations and manage the project through translation, in-country review, and final publishing/layout/proofreading. Our experience writing for localization means we write it right the first time, saving you time and money because our manuals translate more clearly and with fewer rewrites.

Documentation project management

Let us manage your documentation project so you can focus on product development. We know how to estimate, staff, plan, and execute technical writing projects large and small. Our comprehensive project management services handle everything from initial documentation design through writing, review, release, and final distribution.